The World Economic Forum warns unless we act now, by 2050 the plastic in the ocean will weigh more than the fish. Our technology enables us to act on this and assists businesses to do the same.

Our clean tech company helps businesses achieve measurable sustainability & ESG goals. We do this through innovative drinking water technologies like our Circular economy model; the Smart Water Kiosk™.

We measure sustainability by displaying a real time count of plastic bottles saved. This count translates each refill of water to a measurable amount of plastic which didn’t end up in waterways or land field.

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Sustainable water source

HydroPoint is proud to be Carbon neutral. Our atmospheric water technology does not draw from the earth’s resources which confirms our commitment to minimising our environmental impact and associated carbon footprint.

Safe and sustainable bottles

Our bottles available at the Smart Water Kiosk are 100% sustainable and reduce environmental impact. By offering to reuse your own or purchase our sustainable bottle, we provide two environmentally friendly options.