Water Production

Using advanced water capture technology, a standard SOURCE assembly will produce up to 365 litres of great-tasting water per month.and offsets the equivalent of 131,400 standard (500ml) plastic water bottles over the 15-year life span of the SOURCE Hydropanels.

Two-Hydropanel array, > 20°C, >20% RH, standard 16.9 oz bottles


Although water production can vary depending on the weather in your location, SOURCE technology is optimised for a wide range of conditions and will even produce water in low to medium sun and humidity. Today, SOURCE is creating water for people in some of the most arid deserts in the world. Australian weather

The Science of Making Water

A sunny day with varied humidity

A moderately humid day with sun or clouds

A high humidity day with sun or clouds

How Does Source work?

  • Water vapour from the ambient air around us is drawn into SOURCE via fans and adsorbed onto special material
  • Pure water is desorbed into an air-tight system and is condensed inside SOURCE
  • Liquid water flows into the reservoir and is mineralized
  • Drinking water passes through your polishing cartridge before being dispensed at the tap
  • SOURCE Hydropanels are connected to a mesh network and are monitored for production and quality

Technical Specification

A standard residential SOURCE array is made up of two Hydropanels: one primary Hydropanel and one additional Hydropanel with array sizes designed to meet your drinking water needs.

Daily Production

A standard array averages 4-10 liters each day or 8-20 16.9oz standard water bottles, depending on sunshine and humidity.


Each Hydropanel is 4 feet x 8 feet (1.2m x 2.4m) and a standard array contains 2 Hydropanels.

Water Storage

Each Hydropanel holds 30 liters in a reservoir where it is mineralized and kept clean for optimal taste and health. Standard arrays have 60 liters of water storage capacity.


SOURCE utilizes solar power and a small battery to enable water production when the sun shines and water delivery on cloudy days or at night.

Patent Information

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