What is a Hydrop Water System?

Rediscover real purity with drinking water made from air and free of all contaminants, Hydrop is an atmospheric water generator (AWG) that uses advanced water capture technology to extract water from ambient air. It provides the ultimate sustainable water solution that CREATES and FILTERS purified water every day.

Hydrop Water has harnessed the latest eco-technology to create an abundant water supply without stripping the land of any resources.

Each generator is infrastructure-free and provides a renewable water source that is clean, safe and of the highest quality.


Pure drinking
water from the air

100% off-grid,
infrastructure independent

Hot & Cold
water options

Up to 70L per day


How does it work?

A Hydrop Water System draws in ambient air through an air filter where water vapour is extracted through condensation. The water generated is then passed through several filters to create pure, healthy and refreshing drinking water.

The problem

Chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and plastics all end up in our water supply

  • Water scarcity & the effects of climate change
  • Increased contamination from virus, pollution & bush fires
  • Water services having delivery issues
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Municipal water is monitored for 70 different contaminants
  • The long term effects of chlorine to our health

The Solution

Why AWG Water is the Future of your Household?

Health, Taste & Quality

  • Sediment filter that eliminates particles, achieving optimal taste.
  • Truly Healthy Water for your hydration.
  • The purified water is heated to 82 C, or chilled to 6 C.
  • Activated carbon filter with coconut shell to polish the water .
  • UV to remove any bacteria or microorganisms.
  • 0 Contaminants


  • Infrastructure independent – no plumbing required.
  • Eliminates contamination and water quality concerns from the council or tank supply.
  • Protects against unreliable water delivery, climate change, increasingly severe natural disasters such as fire and drought.


  • Eliminates the need for plastic or glass bottled water.
  • Eliminates the water waste of bottled and filtered water.
  • Plastic bottle offset from the AWG production is equivalent to 7200 1- litre or 14400 500ml bottles per year.

Key benefits

Chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, and Plastics all end up in our water supply

Health, Taste & Quality

  • Contains 0 contaminants (85 on average in everyday municipal water)
  • Sediment filter eliminates harmful impurities and pollutants
  • Activated carbon filter with coconut shell polishes water
  • Membrane filter eliminates harmful particles
  • UV lamp removes bacteria and microorganisms
  • Dispenses purified hot (heated to 82 C) & cold water (chilled to 6 C)
  • Produces the purest, best tasting drinking water on the market

Easy to Use Technology

  • Easy to operate
  • No installation – just plug it in
  • No plumbing required
  • Highest quality parts, including stainless steel tank and condensation coils
  • Contemporary, compact design with Modern Digital interface


AW-20L Specifications