The Brighte 0% Interest Payment Plan

The Brighte 0% interest payment plan is made for our customers in mind!

• Fund purchases between $1k to 30K: Our account keeping fee is the same regardless of the finance amount and term

• Repay between 6 months to 60 months: Your chosen vendor will offer term’s available for you to choose from*

• Apply and have an outcome in minutes: Either apply for pre-approval for an instant outcome, or apply once you have a quote, either way, your application is processed fast!

• Reuse your account: Once you have an active Brighte 0% interest payment plan, you may be eligible to reuse the amount already repaid or increase your limit**

• Track your repayments: The BrightePay app allows you to track your repayments

• Make additional repayments: We understand no one likes being locked in to a long term repayment plan, so pay it off quicker at no additional cost

Solar Green Loans for consumer homeowners

Unsecured personal loan for environmentally friendly purchases.

• No monthly account keeping fees

• Use your money your way by making extra repayments without penalty and redraw your money as you need it

• Pay your loan our early without penalty

• Borrow from $1,000 to $50,000 with loan terms from 1 to 10 years

Commercial and Industrial equipment finance

Operating Leases and Equipment rental, Quadrent is an equipment finance provider with world-leading tools for managing compliance and reporting on lease portfolios. We can demonstrate over 18 years of trusted client relationships across Australia and New Zealand.

Our cloud-based accounting system – LOIS ( – provides all the tools needed to manage and report for IFRS 16 compliance, in addition to reporting and asset management of lease portfolios.

Benefits to Flexible Finance:

• Access competitive rates

• Up to 7 years flexible term options

• Free up capital and credit lines for use in other business-critical areas

• Spread the cost for the use of the equipment over the life of the equipment

• Payment plans are treated as an operating expense and are fully tax-deductible

Councils asset finance, equipment Operating Leases

Quadrent funds a wide range of equipment types.

Our business model and our ability to truly invest in assets and relationships that support vendors, enables our partners and selected financed brokers to grow, and helps differentiate our customers in a rapidly changing market place.

Examples of items we regularly fund include French Oak wine barrels, commercial refrigeration, servers, laptops, complex infrastructure, managed services, furniture and fit out, AV solutions, testing equipment, medical equipment, software, solar and other intangibles. More specifically, the only assets we do not invest in are vehicles and real property.


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